Equitable Asset Group
a division of
Looking Glass Ventures

 EAG does the work for you in
 acquiring and managing your
 farmland investment

The EAG team has over 40 years
of experience investing in and 
managing farmland properties

Our management services are agreed upon between EAG and the
investor prior to the initiation of the acquisition process with a 
formal agreement outlining the duties of each party involved. Our
responsibilities are all inclusive regarding all phases of the client-
investor's farmland ownership and management. The EAG 
management team's experience in farmland acquisition, farm 
operations, farm management, and success in realizing returns 
on farmland investments exceeding over 30 million dollars in value
prior to establishing EAG gives the solid foundation and assures
the proper approach to bring the investor similar returns.

The management team has been involved in Midwest agriculture
their entire lives, and their own success investing in farmland 
along with the management of thousands of acres for others
gives EAG the perspective to understand what individual 
investors are looking for in long term returns and security. Our
Midwest consultant has over 40 years of acquisition, negotiation,
management, and operations experience across a broad area of the 
Midwest, and is well acquainted with the value of specific 
recommendations for individual investors to capitalize on their own
unique financial situation. He is the acquisition coordinator, "in the 
field" manager of the properties, and promotions facilitator. All 
negotiations are handled by him regarding the client's investment.
Rod Heemstra is the Operations Manager of EAG.  Brian is co-
owner of Looking Glass Ventures. He graduated from the US Air
Force Academy and received his Masters Degree at the University
of Washington in Seattle. He has years of farm operations, ownership, 
and management experience, and handles the promotional, financial,
legal, and records of the business for EAG.

We will locate the property that fits your goals and financial
situation, negotiate the transaction and present the offer to you
for your final approval. From that point forward, EAG handles all 
aspects of the property management. The client will receive a 
guaranteed annual return, and will be provided with information
on depreciable assets on the property which the client will use to 
offset income from the property for tax purposes on their return. 
Other than the cost of liability insurance, a minimal expense, on the
property which the investor may obtain at their own discretion, EAG
takes care of the property and its management. The investor has no
other responsibility, until such time in the future the property may be 
sold. At that point, we will dispose of the property with the investor's
input and final approval. Selling the property is solely the decision of
 the investor, just as acquiring the property is as well. By choice the 
investment may never be disposed of, which is addressed in the agree-
ment at inception. Many advantages exist for the investment to be 
retained for the purpose of passing on assets and equity to future 

The annual return is paid to you in two installments each year, 
the first to be paid in April and the second in December. Once the 
property is acquired, the annual return paid to the owner is
perpetual until the property is sold by the investor. Depreciation for
tax benefits are determined the first year of ownership, and the investor's
accountant handles setting up the schedules when the investor's tax 
return is compiled. This can be of great savings to the investor, 
depending on each individual circumstance. Appreciation in value on
an annual basis will vary over time, but the average compounded rate 
over the last 40 years has been in the 5-7% range. USDA statisics show
the average price of US farmland since 2000 has risen 100%, from 
$1,090 per acre to $2,100 per acre. It is our responsibility to manage 
the farmland investment so that it is capable of achieving maximum 
appreciation over time, benefitting both the investor and EAG, since 
we are compensated only for a percentage of the gain in value for our 

Equitable Asset Group's unique approach to farmland investing and 
management is a compelling aspect to the services we provide you as a
client. Regardless of your proximity to the Midwest, your knowledge of
farmland or agriculture, your financial situation or amount of investment
capital, the amount of time you are able (or desire) to commit, we can
provide the expertise and knowledge that allows you to take advantage of
farmland's many benefits. We are confident in our services, to the point
we offer our services at no cost to you out of pocket. That means it 
takes nothing away from your annual return on investment for our 
services, and only the gain in value over time is used to determine
our compensation. We only receive a percentage of the gain in value,
as agreed to prior to investing. Unlike any other long term investment,
whether in other real estate, precious metals, equities, or rare collectibles, 
there is no cost to you to acquire and manage the investment. Our com-
pensation is solely based upon a percentage of future appreciation you 
will realize from farmland ownership. That is how confident we are in 
the future appreciation of your farmland investment. Our success
depends upon our pristine management of your farmland once acquired, 
as it insures the client the most value for the property at all times in 
the marketplace. No other investment or management service offers such
cost advantages to its clients, in addition to all the economic advantages

Consider all the positive aspects of our services and our approach to 
long term investment for accumulating wealth, including the benefits
of current and future annual income, capital appreciation, tax savings, 
future asset distribution, and the cost of our services.
Our package 
of worry-free management of your investment with our experience 
and expertise in Midwest farmland opens the way for you to benefit 
from investing in farmland that has been before now exclusive to the 
few who were intimately exposed to farmland and had the time to 
acquire and manage the asset.
We are here to provide the avenue for
you to take advantage of farmland investing, without costing you the 
usual upfront and anuual fees. Bring our services and expertise to work
for you by contacting EAG, and put farmland's unique ability to build
wealth in your future plans.




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